Have you ever noticed that you felt better just by being around a happy person? 

Or how listening to a particular song, gazing at the ocean, or appreciating a beautiful piece of art can completely change your mood?

There’s something about these experiences that induces a profound shift within us and that something all has a whole lot to do with energy, frequency and vibration. 

While the terms energy, vibration, and frequency are often associated with the spiritual and metaphysical realm and discounted as ‘woo-woo’, they’re actually rooted in our understanding of physics. 

Everything in our world, whether it’s living or non-living, is made up of energy and has its own unique vibrational frequency. It’s not just ‘living’ beings like us, but also the objects around us, the food we eat, the colors we see, and even the thoughts we have.

While our senses can perceive certain energies as sound, color, or light, it’s important to realize that we can only detect a small fraction of the vast spectrum of vibrations that exist. 

We can’t see the radio waves emitted by our electronic devices, spot the bacteria residing on our skin, or even pinpoint the individual molecules of air surrounding us.

Our physical senses are limited. 

We can only see a narrow range of colors and hear a specific range of sounds, like how a dog whistle is beyond our hearing capabilities. But here’s the exciting part: by recognizing that there’s so much more to “reality” than what our senses can detect, we open ourselves up to the possibility that powerful forces are at work, even if they’re undetectable to our eyes, ears, and noses.

And this brings us to the concept of “vibrations.” These invisible forces can have a tremendous impact on ourselves and how we perceive the world. It’s like tapping into an unseen realm where change and transformation can occur. By exploring the power of vibrations, we can unlock a new understanding of ourselves and the profound influence they have on our well-being and perception.


Don’t worry, I’ll breeze through the boring part quickly, but it’s essential to establish a solid foundation of understanding frequencies.

Frequency refers to the rate of electrical energy between two points and is typically measured in hertz (Hz) or megahertz (MHz).

Everything in our universe vibrates at its own unique frequency. Frequency is a measure of how many waves or cycles occur in a given time. It’s like the rhythm or heartbeat of an object or phenomenon. When we talk about sound, frequency refers to how many vibrations per second an audible sound wave produces.

Imagine plucking a guitar string. The string vibrates back and forth, creating sound waves that travel through the air and reach our ears. The frequency of these waves determines the pitch or tone we hear. Higher frequency waves produce high-pitched sounds, while lower frequency waves result in low-pitched sounds.

Interestingly, frequencies also play a role in our own bodies. Humans emit a bio-frequency that fluctuates throughout the day. This frequency is influenced by our emotions, the various stressors we encounter, and the toxins present in our environment.

Each emotion carries a unique vibrational frequency, much like colors or physical objects. These emotional vibrations can range from high and fast to low and slow.

When we’re having fun and laughing, our body’s vibrations become lighter, higher, and faster. Conversely, when we’re sick or tired, our vibrations become heavier, slower, and lower. 

Heavier emotions like sadness, anger, frustration, or jealousy emit a low energetic resonance. While higher, lighter emotions like love and joy emit the highest resonance of all. Just imagine how it FEELS to laugh. It’s a light and airy sensation.

When we hold onto heavier or lower frequency emotions for prolonged periods, it can mess with the energy flow in our bodies. Think of it like a traffic jam on a busy highway. These emotional blockages and imbalances can mess with the specific vibrational frequencies of our cells, tissues, and organs. When we are dysfunctional at a cellular level, chemical imbalances occur and eventually lead to illness and disease.

The thing is, these energetic disruptions can happen at a subperceptible level, even before we notice any symptoms of disease or illness. That’s why we often say inflammation is the root of all disease.  It’s that blockage or imbalance of free flowing energy that starts to cause problems.

Once our bio-frequency drops below 62 MHz, it’s like the alarm bells start ringing, and abnormal processes and diseases can start to take hold.

But here’s the good news: if we can get things back in harmony and restore that natural balance, we have a chance at preventing illness from showing up or even resolving it completely. It’s like clearing out the traffic jam and getting the energy flowing smoothly again.


Still having a hard time wrapping your head around the idea that frequencies and sound can have such a profound effect on our body and emotions? 

Let me share one of my favorite examples that made me a big believer in sound healing…

Think about watching a scary movie when you know the killer is lurking somewhere around the corner, ready to pop out at any moment. The suspenseful music heightens the tension, making your heart race and your skin crawl. 

But have you ever tried watching a scary movie without sound? 

It’s a completely different experience. Without the eerie music and bone-chilling sound effects, the fear factor diminishes significantly.

Filmmakers are masters at manipulating our emotions, and they know just how to use sound frequencies to their advantage. One technique they employ is the use of a low frequency called “Infrasound” to cause unease and evoke fear. 

Infrasound operates in the range of 19 Hz or less, which is below the threshold of human hearing. So while we may not consciously hear these sound waves, our bodies can still feel their effects. 

That uneasy feeling in your stomach while watching a suspenseful scene is the power of infrasound at work. It creates a subtle sense of discomfort and dread that adds to the overall tension of the moment. 

So even though this “fear frequency” is so low that our human ear can’t actually detect it, it can still mess with our heads and send chills down our spines. That’s why movies like Friday the 13th can still actually scare us, even with all their cheesiness and predictability.

Another fascinating part – as soon as the music or sound is turned off, you often feel a sense of relief, as if a weight has been lifted off your chest. That’s the impact of sound frequencies on our emotions. They can elicit powerful physical and psychological responses, even when we’re not consciously aware of them.

Know what else is really cool? These super low-frequency sounds are also found in nature during intense events like earthquakes, avalanches, and thunder. Our evolutionary instincts are wired to associate these low frequencies with danger, like a primal warning system.

So whether it’s a scary movie or the rumble of thunder, those frequencies can have a powerful impact on our emotions and make our hearts race. It’s like the soundtrack to our feelings, playing a sneaky role in shaping our experiences.


So, while those low-frequency sounds in scary movies can give us the heebie-jeebies, they’re not exactly the kind of sounds we want to listen to when we’re looking to heal and feel better. 

But here’s the exciting part — sound can work its magic in a positive way too! 

By listening to higher frequencies, we can harness the power of sound to create subtle yet profound and positive changes in our bodies. It’s like flipping a switch to invite in more positive emotions and support our healing journey. 

By tuning in to these higher frequencies, we can make subconscious changes in our bodies that help us feel more positive and uplifted –like giving ourselves a supersonic pick-me-up!

For example:


    • 40 hz
      • This frequency is known for stimulating gamma brain waves, which are associated with memory and cognitive function. It has been used in Alzheimer’s therapy to potentially improve memory and cognitive abilities. Hear it here.
    • 174hz
      • This frequency is believed to have a calming and soothing effect, helping to reduce pain and stress. It is often used in relaxation techniques and meditation practices to promote a sense of inner peace. Hear it here.
    • 285hz
      • This frequency is associated with healing physical wounds and promoting cellular regeneration. It is believed to have a positive impact on the body’s natural healing processes, particularly in the case of cuts, burns, and other physical injuries. Hear it here.
    • 396hz
      • Known as the frequency of liberation, this tone is said to help remove fear and negative emotions. It is also believed to balance the root chakra, which is associated with feelings of security, stability, and groundedness.Hear it here.
    • 417hz
      • This frequency is believed to assist in releasing energy surrounding past traumas and emotional blockages. It is often used to facilitate emotional healing and activate the sacral chakra, which is connected to fear, sexuality, and creativity. Hear it here.
    • 432hz
      • Considered the “natural tuning” frequency, this tone is believed to promote mental and emotional clarity. Hear it here.
    • 440hz
      • This frequency is thought to enhance cognitive development and stimulate the third eye chakra, which is associated with intuition, insight, perception, and spiritual awareness. Hear it here.
    • 528hz
      • This is oten referred to as the “love frequency” and is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with personal power, confidence, and self-esteem. 
    • 639hz
      • This is believed to resonate with heart chakra promoting love, compassion, and harmony. Playing this frequency allows for greater empathy and connection with oneself and others. Hear it here.
    • 852hz
      • This frequency is believed to help redirect the mind away from overthinking, intrusive thoughts, and negative patterns. It can be used to promote mental clarity and support a sense of inner peace. Hear it here.
    • 963hz
      • Considered the frequency of divine connection, this tone activates the crown chakra and pineal gland, which is associated with spiritual development and our connection to higher realms of consciousness. Hear it here.

Depending on what you may be experiencing in your body and mind, you can explore these frequencies by listening to them during your daily activities. Whether you’re working, driving, or simply going about your day, incorporating these frequencies into your environment through music or sound recordings might help create a positive shift and enhance your overall well-being.



So now we can understand just how much emotions can affect and get ‘stuck’ in our physical bodies… how do we release them?

One way is through sound healing techniques, such as the use of tuning forks, singing bowls, and other resonant instruments. Their vibrations and frequencies can bring about profound shifts in our energetic and emotional states by producing specific tones and vibrations that resonate with the body’s energy centers.  

You see, each of our tissues—bones, muscles, organs—vibrates at a different frequency when they’re healthy. But when they’re not, the vibration, wave, or frequency can change. That’s where sound healing steps in to restore balance.

When sound waves penetrate our bodies, they interact with our cells, tissues, and organs, creating a ripple effect that can dislodge stagnant energy and emotions. The vibrational frequencies emitted by these instruments have the incredible power to break up energetic blockages, allowing those trapped emotions to be released and restoring the natural flow of energy throughout our entire body.

For example, tuning forks, when struck and placed on specific acupressure points or meridians, create gentle vibrations that resonate deep within our bodies and can travel through the body from head to toe. This resonance can help to dissolve energetic stagnation and unlock emotions held within the body. Similarly, sound bowls produce soothing and enveloping tones that penetrate our cells, creating a state of relaxation and promoting the release of tension and emotional stress.