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How cupping benefits the body?

How cupping benefits the body?

Cupping is AMAZING at relaxing tight muscles, healing old injuries and increasing range-of-motion.

If you’ve got…

  • Low Back or Neck Pain
  • Text Neck
  • Shoulder, Hip or Knee Pain
  • Improved Athletic Recovery
  • Old Injuries
  • Stubborn Digestive Issues

Cupping may be JUST the thing to get you back in the game.

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3 cupping benefits you need

Cupping uses negative pressure (like a vacuum) to decompress tissues, increase blood circulation, circulate lymphatic flow and engage the parasympathetic (rest/digest) nervous system.

3 cupping benefits you need

Cupping uses negative pressure (like a vacuum) to decompress tissues, increase blood circulation, circulate lymphatic flow and engage the parasympathetic (rest/digest) nervous system.

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Increases Blood Flow

Using suction, the cups lift the tissues and increase circulation. This helps bring fresh new blood filled with our body’s natural healing agents (platelets, white blood cells, etc) to the area and helps to flush out any old, stagnant blood that can get trapped in tight muscles, knots or areas of old injury.

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Engages the Parasympathetic

At first, the cups may feel a little funky. It’s definitely a new sensation! After a few minutes, the body begins to switch into a calming parasympathetic state where we’re able to regenerate, heal, and digest. It helps reset the nervous system to get you out of fight or flight. Believe it or not, people often drift off during a cupping session!

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Breaks Up Knots

“Full Back Cupping” is when the cups slide up and down the back. The cupping benefits of this method focus on relaxing the fascia or tight covering surrounding the muscles. This supports the breakdown of any knots or adhesions you might have.

People often say cupping is way better and more effective than a deep tissue massage and we are inclined to agree with them.

Cupping benefits & Fun Facts

Cupping benefits & Fun Facts

  • It calms the nervous system so even though it may look semi-torturous, it’s actually very relaxing.
  • It looks way scarier than it is!
  • It can provide instantaneous pain relief
  • The marks can last anywhere from a few days up to a week or two
  • Cupping can be performed once a week (as long as the previous week’s marks are gone)
  • Cupping is cumulative! The more consistent you are, the less build up you have and the duration of the marks shorten
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Cupping treatment

Are There Different Kinds of Cupping?

Are There Different Kinds of Cupping?

1. Fire Cupping: Thousands of years ago they used buffalo horns and fire in order to create the negative pressure in the cup. Today there are still many people who use fire along with glass cups to create that pressure to lift the tissues and relieve pain. I often use fire cups for larger areas like the glutes or the legs or when someone experiences “cold” in the body.

2. Glass Pump Cups: The newer version of cupping involves using a hand pump instead of fire to create pressure. This allows us to change the pressure more easily and without the potential hazard of fire. I mainly use these in combination with the fire cups.

3. Plastic Pump Cups: This is a very popular option with many acupuncturists although my personal preference is the glass pump cups because you’re able to use them with oil to slide the cups up and down the back. In addition, glass is less permeable than plastic and you’re able to use a higher grade disinfectant to clean the cups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions that will answer most of yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions that will answer most of yours!

We are able to easily change the tightness of the cups to accommodate to each individual’s pressure tolerance. It’s often compared to the sensation to a deep tissue massage and most people love the sensation.

There may be discomfort initially because it’s a foreign sensation! Within a few minutes however the cups have a subduing effect on the nervous system and most people find it incredibly relaxing.

Cupping benefits are typically feelings of relief, muscular release, lightness, pleasant tingling, and freedom from pain and an increase in flexibility and muscular control. Contracted, tense and painful muscle tissue will soften quickly with just a few minutes of cupping.

The marks left by the cups are not actually bruises. A bruise is caused by impact trauma which leads to broken capillaries and a rush of blood/fluids to the damaged location. Cupping draws stagnant blood, toxins and other fluids out of the muscle layer and into the healthy circulation of the skin.

The darker the mark, the more local congestion or blood stagnation there is in that area. This can be caused by tight, constricted muscles or an old injury that has trapped old, deoxygenated blood cells (hence the purplish color). Cupping helps to increase blood circulation to flush out the old blood and circulate new fresh blood. This is not a true bruise nor does it damage the skin.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and contains about 20% of your blood volume at any given time, therefore, the skin has an efficient network of capillaries that make it a fantastic vehicle to transport all the metabolic waste that cupping pulls up into it. The capillary system carries toxins to the liver and kidneys, where they can be metabolized and excreted. This action creates space in the tissues for oxygen and nutrients needed for healing. This is why people often say that it helps “detox” the body.

The marks usually fade within a few days to a week. The first few visits tend to linger longer but as we continue cupping, they begin to fade faster as your circulation improves with consecutive sessions. The areas that take longer to fade mean that there was poor circulation in that area whether due to injury, tight muscles, or knots.

In general, we recommend doing it weekly when starting out. This helps to jumpstart your healing and allow us to make forward progress. We wait until the marks have almost completely faded to not overload the body and allow it proper time to heal.

It should be used cautiously with those on blood thinners or who have blood clotting disorders. It should be avoided on the low back or abdomen of pregnant women.

Obviously this is a personal choice. Some people want to look cute and flawless if they’re going on a beach vacation while others wear their marks with pride. In this day and age, most people recognize the perfect circles left behind by our beloved cups. If they don’t then it’s a perfect opportunity for you to share the good word about this amazing, pain relieving treatment!

Sometimes you may feel a slight discomfort after the cups. It feels similar to a bruise or sunburn and it’s because your body isn’t used to being stretched like that. It goes away within 24-48 hours and gets better (and eventually goes away) the more often you do the cups.

Chinese wisdom recommends to keep your neck and back covered post-cups as well as avoiding being submerged in water for 2 hours after (hot tubs, pools, beach, etc).

You can take arnica to help speed up the bruising, both topically or orally. You can also apply CBD to the area of discomfort.

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