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Is our acupuncture clinic right for you?

Is our acupuncture clinic right for you?

  • “I’ve tried everything”
  • “I carry all of my stress in my ____”
  • “I haven’t pooped in 2 days”
  • “I feel stuck, frustrated and irritable”
  • “Anxiety is taking over my life”

Our modern lives and the pressure to perform is stressful! And it’s undeniable how that stress affects our bodies.

Acupuncture is uniquely awesome because it works on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our health… all at the same time. All you gotta do is lay there and let the needles do their thing.

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How does acupuncture work?

It regulates your body’s own healing capabilities without side-effects.

How does acupuncture work?

It regulates your body’s own healing capabilities without side-effects.

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Regulates the Nervous System

We don’t heal or repair when we are in “fight + flight” mode. Acupuncture stimulates the parasympathetic “rest + digest” to allow your body to get into it’s healing flow state.

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Relieves Pain

Pain can be caused by a number of things. By relaxing the nervous system, reducing inflammation, stimulating endorphins and other natural pain killers, we can reduce pain. SIDE EFFECT FREE.


Reduces Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is arguably the “root of all disease”. When we are chronically inflamed we have pain, digestive disorders, brain fog, headaches and much more. Acupuncture helps to activate our natural anti-inflammatory system.

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Relaxes Muscles

By relaxing the nervous system, we can relax tight muscles and melt away physical tension. The needles also stimulate blood flow which helps clear out any stagnation from old injuries, break up knots and get deep into places (like the glutes or shoulder blade) that massages just can’t quite seem to reach.

What is an average session like at our acupuncture clinic?

What is an average session like at our acupuncture clinic?

Acupuncture consultation

1. Consultation

At our acupuncture clinic, we review your health history and goals of working together. We discuss diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations as well as if further medical testing is beneficial. This can take 15-40 minutes depending on the complexity of your health condition and concerns.

Woman receiving acupuncture needles

2. Needling

If we decide cupping, Gua Sha, laser, castor oil or ATP Biotherapy are a good fit for you we’d do them at this time. Next, needle insertion! Don’t worry, it’s quick and relatively painless. It’ll be over before you know it and have you saying… “That’s it?”


3. Acu-Nap

Next, we let you rest in peace with soft, soothing music, cozy heat lamps, and calming essential oils to help you settle into that healing state. We let you marinate and meditate for about 25-30 minutes with an SOS button just in case you need a little TLC.

See ya!

4. See Ya Later!

After we remove the needles we will review the treatment plan (how many visits, how often, any recommendations). You’ll meet with the girls up front to wrap up payment and scheduling and you’ll be on your way to enjoy your day!

It's Ancient History...

Acupuncture has a written history of over 5,000 years

It's Ancient History...

Acupuncture has a written history of over 5,000 years

That’s approximately 4,400 years before the invention of the microscope or the discovery of cells, just to put it in perspective.

Acupuncture and holistic medicine have become increasingly popular over the last few decades in the United States as people search for safe, alternative treatment options to pharmaceuticals or surgeries.

If you’re looking for a holistic to solution to complex, chronic issues… You just found it! Our acupuncture clinic is ready to serve you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Acupuncture Clinic

Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions that will answer most of yours!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Acupuncture Clinic

Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions that will answer most of yours!

While most people associate needles with their experience of getting shots or their blood drawn, acupuncture needles are NOT the same. These ultra-fine needles used during your acupuncture treatment are about 50x thinner than hypodermic (hollow) needles. Most of time time, you feel nothing at all, while every once in awhile you may experience a brief moment of discomfort. Most people find the experience relaxing and some even fall asleep.

Some common sensations you may experience from the needles are: pressure, heaviness, dull ache, tingling, and warmth.

It’s possible to feel improvement from the very first session but it often takes multiple to see significant progress. Every patient’s condition varies as will their healing timeline. A more accurate, personalized timeline can be provided after our initial assessment.

As a general rule of thumb:

  • For minor, non-chronic injuries or movement challenges: 6-10 sessions
  • For more major, complex or chronic injuries: 20+ sessions
  • For severe or long-term chronic issues: 30+ sessions

to see a significant resolution of your symptoms.

Acupuncture is not a one-hit-wonder, single-session, or miracle cure; it is a form of therapy. The effects of acupuncture are cumulative and you often feel progressively better with each session.

Most therapies need multiples sessions to see lasting benefits (chiro, PT, exercise, even pharmaceuticals – most you have to take daily!)

For an acute condition, only a few treatments that are scheduled close together may be necessary. However, chronic problems will take a series of treatments to resolve the ailment.

We generally recommend a trial of at least 2-3 acupuncture treatments so that we can evaluate your response and can then give you a more accurate recommendation for treatment plan. Don’t give up before giving it a fair shot!

No, the olden days of autoclaving to sterilize and reuse needles are long gone. Acupuncture needles today are prepackaged, sterile, hair-thin, solid needles. They are used only once on your body and are properly disposed of into a biohazard container immediately after removal. We follow strict clean needle technique guidelines to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

In California, one must complete a minimum of 3,000 hours of theoretical and clinical training.

Our school curriculum covers Western Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmaceuticals, Biochemistry, and many other courses one would take in medical school. In addition, we learn Chinese Medical theory, all the acupuncture point locations/depths/actions, herbal medicine, nutrition, qi gong, and other holistic lifestyle modalities.

We also spend two and a half years in our school clinic, initially observing our elder colleagues and teachers, and then treating patients ourselves under the guidance of our instructors. We also do an externship at a local facility. At the time I was in school the options were Being Alive AIDS + HIV clinic in West Hollywood, the Venice Family Health Center, or the Disney Cancer Center in Burbank. I spent all 3 of my externship quarters at Being Alive and it was incredible to see how quickly the immunocompromised got better with the assistance of acupuncture.

All of this schooling and clinical hours takes most students 4-5 years of full-time study at an Eastern Medical school (in addition to what they have already completed in undergraduate studies). In California, most acupuncturists will obtain their Master’s or Doctorate’s degrees in Chinese Medicine when finished.

After graduation, you must take the rigorous State Board Exam to get your Acupuncture License. Once licensed, we also have to complete 50 hours of continuing education units every 2 years to stay compliant.

Please fill out the new patient paperwork AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can get acquainted with your concerns and goals and give you the best care possible from the moment you walk in.

If you have a complex or chronic internal issue and are serious about making changes, head over to the new patient tab to learn what you can start doing now to give us a headstart on your healing.

Wear something loose and comfortable—ideally something you can push over your knees and elbows. If you don’t have time to change or you forget, no stress! We have towels to cover the modest bits.

It’s also helpful if you eat something first. Not a lot, but enough so that you aren’t hungry or have low blood sugar. Thinking about your hunger during your treatment is no fun.

If you gotta go to the bathroom, it’s best you do it before we start our session. Ask us for the key to the bathroom so you’re not counting down the seconds before you can go!

Please try to keep your caffeine intake to a minimum prior to your appointment so you’re able to relax and not feel wired.

Totally. More often than not the “scared patient” is the first to fall asleep once the needles are in and then be surprised by how relaxing the whole thing was. Most people say “that’s it?”. The needles are the size of a few strands of hair and often cannot even be felt.

Occasionally a slight bruise may occur after the needle has been removed. It’s generally not painful or harmful, and will disappear in a few days.

From time to time, there may be slight muscle soreness at the area of insertion (especially in the hands) but this also disappears quickly.

Many ‘AFTER’ effects include improved sleep, clearer thinking, improved digestion, stress reduction, and increased energy.

Nope, however it is important to commit to at least 3-4 sessions before giving up. Each session builds upon the last and multiple sessions are often needed.

You don’t go to the gym once and expect to be strong, nor can you assume that one treatment will cure you (just like you need multiple sessions of physical therapy or chiropractic). You don’t need to believe although when you open your mind up to healing, your body is much more receptive. There is research that shows that individuals who have a more positive attitude about their healthcare will have better treatment outcomes.

If you’re still feeling skeptical, keep in mind that acupuncture on animals has been proven effective repeatedly and none of the dogs, horses or elephants claim they believe in it either.

Yes, absolutely!

There are certain points on the body that are not needled during pregnancy but acupuncture can be very helpful in treating morning sickness, fatigue, sleep issues and many other ailments you can experience during pregnancy, as well as inducing labour at the end!

Most mama’s are thrilled to learn this since there’s certain medications that you have to avoid while pregnant.

It’s used for all stages of pregnancy: pre-pregnancy, during, and post-partum. It’s incredibly important to continue to nourish and rebuild your Qi and blood post-birth!

Acupuncture is great at reducing phlegm and congestion, alleviating nausea, supporting your immune system, reducing fever and regulating your bowel movements whether they’re flowing too quickly or not at all. Some of the other tools in my toolbelt (cold laser, ATP machine, gua sha) can also help alleviate illness and help you recover faster.

It’s a crazy world we’re living in these days but I trust you to use your best judgement.

Absolutely! Acupuncture is complementary to nearly all other forms of treatment and does not conflict with western medicine, chiropractic, or physical therapy. Instead it assists and enhances them. Many conditions such as sports injuries, immune system disorders, infertility, side effects of chemotherapy, and anxiety are well treated by the combination of western medicine and acupuncture.

Ah, that awkward moment at the end where you’re trying to figure out if this is one of those services where you tip or not.

The answer is NO!

Although the sentiment is greatly appreciated, tipping is not expected or necessary. Just like when you visit your doctor, the treatment cost is inclusive.

The best way to show your appreciation is to tell your friends, share on social media or write us a review (or all of the above)! Our small business thrives on word-of-mouth and that is the biggest compliment there is!

Subtle yet powerful changes take place in your body during a treatment. This can leave you in a physically, mentally, or emotionally vulnerable place as we let the dust settle. It’s best to allow your body to relax after the session and give it the space and time it needs to continue making these healing shifts.

Here’s some suggestions to help support your healing post-treatment:

  • Prioritize sleep (go to bed early, take a nap, listen to your body)
  • Eat healthy, nutrient dense foods
  • Follow diet, supplement or lifestyle recommendations
  • Avoid strenuous exercise (especially for 2 hours after the treatment)
  • Avoid ice (use heat instead)
  • Stay hydrated and avoid coffee / alcohol
  • Protect yourself from the elements (wind / cold)
  • Notice subtle changes (bowel movements, sleep, energy, change in frequency or severity of symptoms)

Your body is in a state of healing, and it’s important to give yourself the necessary building blocks to further extend the benefits of your treatment.

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